Monthly Archives: November 2010

Time to Hit the Road

Well, I’ve been a full-time faculty member at UVU for nine years and I think it’s time for a sabbatical. I applied three years ago, when I was first eligible, but my plans at that time weren’t particularly compelling and the University wasn’t handing out many sabbaticals at that time, so it was a non-starter. This time, however, I’m much more optimistic. My goal is to bring a comprehensive data visualization curriculum to UVU. To do that, though, I have to go off and learn a bunch of new things, like how to program for the web and how to use a variety of analysis applications. So, I submitted my application letter to my department chair today. (You can actually see the letter here.)

I plan to keep this blog as a complete record of my sabbatical from application to completion, so check in frequently, okay?

And wish me luck!

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