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The Lego Bible (Literally)

I just came across this and had to post it because (a) it’s hilarious; and (b) I thinks it’s of real pedagogical value. This is the short version: The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith (although the “Reverend” part is apparently an ironic appellation) has spent about 10 years creating nearly 5000 scenes from the Bible with Legos. Here’s a scene from the Garden of Eden:

Excellent! And here’s a part of the Table of Contents:

I also like the “Adult Content” warning he has at the bottom of the page. (And I understand that, yes, in fact, the work is not entirely safe for kids.)

And you’ll be glad to know that he has a book out! (Several, actually, but this one is most germane):

So, there you have it. Make of it what you will but you have to give three cheers for Legos in literature!

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