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My Arduino goes blink, blink, blink!

This was a long time coming for such a minor accomplishment but I’m thrilled nonetheless. I have successfully gotten my Arduino Uno board out of the box (about a year after I bought it), hooked up to my Mac (with my fancy, clear USB cable that I stole from my Blue Snowball microphone), and — lo and behold! — it’s blinking. It’s alive! Woo hoo!

Next up: Actual programming.


  • Getting Started with Arduino, Ch. 3: The Arduino Platform (1 exercise)
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The Loveduino: A circuit board for your Valentine

Oh, this is so sweet I just want to cry… It looks like Takumi Funada has created a heart-shaped, Arduino compatible circuit board called the Loveduino. Awww…. There are even instructions on how to make one yourself, although they’re in Japanese, I think.

Just the think for the geek in your life.

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