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Serious Games (No, Really)


Disaffected! is a serious game developed and produced by Persuasive Games, a company co-founded by Ian Bogost and Gerard LaFond that creates “electronic games for persuasion, instruction, and activism” (“Persuasive Games”). The Disaffected! homepage links to downloadable versions for both Windows and Mac OS X. Ian Bogost is also associated with Water Cooler Games, a research blog about serious games.

I love the whole idea of using videogames to accomplish something beyond entertainment, especially something about social consciousness raising. Go Ian and Gerard!

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New media and video game activism at the New Frontier exhibit

[Above: Stills from two critical video games by Molleindustria: “Oiligarchy” and “The McDonald’s game.”]

Woo hoo! The Sundance Film Festival is getting frisky! They’ve included non-film art — new media video work and video game art, to be particular — in this year’s festival and, Holy Moses, there’s some amazing things going on. The exhibit, entitled New Frontier, is on display at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art through May 19.

Excellent large scale data visualizations about wildlife encroachment, a participatory Kinect piece about a disaster at a Los Angeles food bank, a 3-D celebration (sort of) of aggression in Hollywood, people raging at their computers, and video games that you always lose no matter what. It’s all from what you might call “the art of discomfort” but it’s amazing.

I’m so glad to see this in Salt Lake City!

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