MMJ4M 17: Working with Video Files

The second major Jitter-related chapter in VJ Manzo‘s book Max/MSP/Jitter for Music has to do with accessing and playing previously recorded video. It turns out that this is more complicated than using a live video stream – not what I would have guessed but, now that I’ve done the work, it makes sense.

I especially like the jit.scissors command that slices the video window into many small pieces. (Truthfully, the object names in Max/MSP/Jitter are hilarious; not the sort of thing you can get away with in a larger corporate environment.) Things started getting very spaghetti-like, so I show a couple of the patches in both their locked and unlocked states. But, overall, I am made keenly aware of how different things can work in this program as opposed to Processing, with which I am more accustomed.


  • Max/MSP/Jitter for Music, Ch. 17: Working with Video Files (12 exercises)
  • Patches can be downloaded from (Dead Link)
  • UPDATED LINK: Patches can now be downloaded from
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