Dance Loops

Utah Valley University

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013



This is my big project for the year. I’ve described it in a post on this blog but, in a few words, it’s an interactive, improvised dance and technology performance.

Danco kaj la universala okulo

Williams Fine Art

18-25 October 2012

That’s how you say “Dance for the universal eye” in Esperanto. This was a series of three still pieces based off of “Dots & lines & dance & all of us” (see below) that I submitted to the annual University of Utah Student Art Competition at Williams Fine Art, a gallery in Salt Lake City. The second panel, “Danco 2: Preter Ordo,” (“Dance 2: Beyond time”) was accepted for the show. It was a lovely event.

Hello World

Repertory Dance Theatre

03-06 October 2012

I collaborated with my choreographer Jacque Bell (AKA my wife) to create a dance and multimedia piece for Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City. This was also inspired by “Dots & lines & dance & all of us” but featured live performers and actual choreography (as opposed to 10 second improvisations). I also did the sound design and music editing, as well as putting together all of the projections. It was a fabulous event!

Dots & Lines & Dance & All of Us

University of Utah

19 April 2012

This was my artistic début, described in the post “Projections R Us,” that led directly to everything else on this page (so far).

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