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DevArt: Google’s Developer Art Competition

DevArt Clip

Well, now. Google is sponsoring an event they call “DevArt” – as in “Developer Art” – that will lead to one artist being chosen to join a major exhibition at The Barbican in London. One of these days, one of these days….

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Dance && Code: New Project Site

Dance && Code Header

I decided that Dance Loops needed to be part of a bigger project, which is how Dance && Code was created. I’m moving most of the dance related stuff over there and I’m inviting other people to take part, so please take a look!

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Fun with Splines

I did these a little while ago in Processing but I love them. It’s just a grid of circles and splines that connect the centers at random. (These are Catmull-Rom splines, to be precise. They’re the same thing that I used for the projections in “Hello World.”) By clicking the arrow keys you can add more circles or more splines. If you want, you can download the Processing .PDE file here.

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