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Arduino, Ardweeny, Aardvark…

To round out my set of current independent studies projects (as the Jitter project has to wait until later in the semester), here’s my initial report on my experiments with the Arduino circuit board, as supervised by University of Utah Sculpture professor Paul Stout. (Hi, Paul!) For this course I’m going to go through the little book Getting Started with Arduino (second edition) by co-founder Massimo Banzi. This one’s going to be a little trickier because I have to actually make things. (I’ve got my set of parts and some tools but I still need to get a soldering iron ASAP.)

One of the things I loved as I started re-reading this book (as I already read the first edition all the way through) is that Massimo refers to a modular circuit set by Industrial Design great Dieter Rams. I found the Lectron set that he mentioned online at a page celebrating Dieter’s work called Das Programm. Neat!

I also found some other great resources for learning Arduino, such as the Arduino Playground, an Arduino category at Instructables, and a similar category at the fabulous Makezine site. (And, by the way, the “Ardweeny” from this post’s title is an actual product, just a tiny circuit board.) Lots of good things in store!


  • Getting Started with Arduino, Ch. 0: Preface (0 exercises)
  • Getting Started with Arduino, Ch. 1: Introduction (0 exercises)
  • Getting Started with Arduino, Ch. 2: The Arduino Way (0 exercises)
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The Only Company that Cares about Design

While I had my lunch in the lovely café space of the University of Utah’s Marriott Library, I watched a little of the film Objectified on my iPhone. (Living it up on the small screen!) I love this movie because it’s all about industrial design, a topic that I hold near and dear to my heart. Anyhow, in one part of the film, legendary designer Dieter Rams claims that there is only one company that truly cares about design. The answer? ………. Well, it’s Apple, of course. (Geez, did I really need to tell you that?) Anyhow, watch the film and you’ll see why he says that. And it’s something that I’ve long believed. You and me, Dieter, you and me.

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